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A strong wind storm or bad hail destroys a roof, a pipe breaks causing flooding… sometimes the disaster makes living at home impossible. You and your family must be safe and repairs must get done. You need to know when to pay out of pocket and when to file an insurance claim, what your policy covers and what it does not. You may have specific questions about your situation, damages, losses or repairs. Our advisors are here to provide peace of mind by answering each and every one of your questions.

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We offer free policy reviews for homeowners so you can know what your policy does and doesn’t cover before you have an unexpected loss. The goal of a policy review is so that you, as the property owner, can make any changes to your coverage if needed.

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Who can you ask that understands each side of the insurance claim process?

Ideally someone who has resolved hundreds of successful claims and knows the ins and outs with the insurance companies. Ally PCA takes on the entire insurance claim process for you to reach a full and fair settlement. Our goal is to maximize coverage on your property damage repairs quickly and efficiently so you and your family can get back to your lives.


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Our advisors are industry experts, who can help residential property managers, HOAs, REITs and public adjusters assess their property damage claims of any size or complexity. It is our core business to make sure your claim receives the maximum supplemental income owed. My Property Claim Advisor has an entire team dedicated to your property damage claim. We ensure you reach a full and fair settlement quickly and efciently, so your repairs can begin as soon as possible, and things can get back to normal. Contact us for your free policy review today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I file my property damage claim myself?
Many people describe their experience with an insurance claim after a large loss as a full-time job. The claim process involves legwork, paper work, math, insurance rules, and negotiation. Listing, describing and valuing everything that was damaged or destroyed, meeting with adjusters, inspectors and contractors and reviewing reports and estimates is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

As a property owner, manager, HOA, or REIT, the insurance protection you paid for should include good claim service. In reality, insurance is big business and the average person is not on a level playing field with a big insurance company. You may find that learning the lingo, doing the math and making sure your claim is being fully investigated and fairly paid is too much to handle on your own. With no one to answer your specific questions, it can be worrying not knowing what to expect. You want your damages covered and your policy to cover it. Do you have everything required to file your claim correctly?

Each person’s experience and situation is a little different, so when it comes to making the decision whether or not to hire a professional to take on the challenges of filing a property damage claim the only “right” choice is the one that works for your personal situation. If you are having problems with your insurer after unexpected property loss or damage, or your personal or professional life is making it hard for you to deal with all the details, hiring an independent property claim professional can bring peace-of-mind. They will be part of your insurance recovery process for as long as it takes to settle the claim and recover all the financial benefits you are entitled to under the terms and conditions of your policy and the laws in your state. Industry data shows that insurance claim professionals get claims filed, expedited and settled in the least amount of time and with the biggest payouts to property owners.

What should I do before I contact my insurance company?

You must make certain that you present your property loss accurately when you call your insurance company. The best time to hire a property claim expert is before you file your property damage claim or at the very beginning of the claim process. A simple mistake could cost you significantly, using inaccurate wording can hinder your ability to move the claim process forward. For example, if you call your insurance company and describe a toilet overflow as a “flood” on the first floor, it is inaccurate and would cause your claim to be denied,
as your insurance policy did not cover flood damage. A property claim expert “speaks insurance” on your behalf and ensures your claim is prepared correctly the first time around so that no damage has been
overlooked before you file the claim.

Many homeowners, property owners, managers, HOAs, and REITs wait and hire a Public Adjuster after receiving a recommended claim payout from their insurance company’s adjuster that is lower than expected on their property damage claim. At that point, hiring a Public Adjuster could add weeks to the claim handling process. When there is a real sense of urgency to repair damages to the property as quickly as possible and no guarantee of a higher settlement, people often take the initial, smaller payout just to begin repairs immediately.

Why should I hire a property claim advisor instead of an attorney?

Property claim advisors are experts trained to assess damage, provide a cost estimate, and negotiate with your insurance company. If you go straight to an attorney, your lawyer will likely hire a Public Adjuster to investigate the property damage claim. You will likely end up paying the cost for both professional services as well as increase the amount of time it takes to complete the claims process until a settlement is reached. If you are a property owner, manager, HOA, or REIT with unexpected property damage, your priorities are to file and settle the insurance claim as soon as possible in order to begin repairs immediately. Any delays to the settlement will delay repairs.

What's the difference between using a Public Adjuster and Ally Property Claim Advisors?

A Public Adjuster takes a percentage of the settlement after an agreement is reached and you have accepted your insurance company’s final payment offer. On average a licensed Public Adjuster will charge the homeowner, property owner, manager, HOA, or REIT a range of 20-40% to manage a property damage claim. Any inattention to detail can quickly devalue the entire insurance claim. If the settlement is not enough to cover repairs and losses, it can make an urgent situation even more complicated.

The main difference between Ally Property Claim Advisors and a Public Adjuster is that we are an entire team and back office dedicated to helping homeowners, property owners, managers, HOAs, REITs and contractors maximize their claim settlements; while a Public Adjuster is an individual, licensed adjuster who receives a percentage of your settlement, no matter the outcome or if any details were missed.

In fact, Ally Property Claim Advisors have been working with Public Adjusters as clients in our commercial division for years, helping navigate complex or large claims. Our team of reputable industry professionals with over 30 years of experience in insurance property claims provides a cohesive, straightforward approach with unlimited resources. Ally PCA makes sure your claim reaches a full and fair settlement in the shortest time possible. Finding a Public Adjuster with similar depth of knowledge, resources, and experience may be a challenge. Ensuring they pay out your claim fully, fairly and quickly is another.

A much lower settlement and unfinished repairs may be the result rather than what was appropriate or fair for your property damage claim. Our goal at Ally Property Claim Advisors is that never happens to you, we work diligently on your behalf with the insurance companies.

How quickly can I get a policy review or site inspection?

Our team of advisors offer policy reviews and consultations free of charge for homeowners, property owners, managers, HOAs, and REITs. Ally Property Claim Advisors are here to to answer all of your policy questions, carefully review your insurance policy and help you determine which damages are covered and which are not. Depending on the length and complexity of your policy, or whether you own residential or commercial property will determine how long it takes to conduct a policy review. Typically Ally PCA can perform a free policy review immediately; we have a team of property claim experts ready to answer your questions.

After we review your insurance policy, the next step is a site inspection. Your insurance company will normally require an inspection of the damaged property to determine the validity of the insurance claim and a repair estimate if applicable. The site inspectors at Ally PCA can professionally determine the extent of your property damage and conduct an impartial and independent site inspection for residential and commercial properties