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Water Claims

Helping you navigate your Water Damage Claim

Sometimes the unexpected happens that cause serious problems quickly: a bad storm will comes in, a frozen pipe bursts or plumbing fails. Any degree of water damage is destructive to your property and can be long-lasting. We understand how difficult and stressful it can be to mitigate the best solutions moving forward when the situation is urgent. Ultimately, you want your insurance to cover all the water damage repairs and losses, without having to pay everything out of pocket.

How do I get started?

Follow the 5 steps process with Ally Property Claim Advisors

Our advisors begin the process by throughly evaluating your property damage claim as well as your insurance policy. We know the right questions to ask. How big or complex is the claim? Does your insurance policy cover your property damage? Are you underinsured? Ally Property Claim advisors will guide you through your insurance policy coverage and evaluate what is needed before you get an estimate or file a claim. Calling the insurance companies first is often not in your favor for the best settlement. We will evaluate your claim honestly and fairly, using our years of expertise as industry leaders to walk you through the process.

Our advisors will evaluate the damage and assess how much the repair will cost for your property damage claim. We have industry resources and trained professionals on our team to perform an accurate site inspection. Based on the results of the inspection, Ally Property Claim Advisors will create a property damage estimate for you. We will answer all of your questions thoroughly and accurately based on our years of industry experience. From minor to complex claims, our advisors know exactly what to do. We work on your behalf, not the insurance companies.

It can be challenging to assess what to do with all of the data presented. Our expert advisors are there to help you make the most informed decision on how to proceed next with your claim: use the deductible, pay out-of-pocket or file? Ally Property Claim Advisors are here to manage and facilitate your property damage claim. We will also advise you if filing the claim is not the best move based on your particular situation.
We can help you with filing your property damage claim promptly and accurately. A fully prepared and documented claim expedites the process and payment exponentially.

When your property damage claim is correct, the next step is to ensure your insurance company pays your claim properly. We work diligently to make sure you receive the correct payment for your claim.

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Common water damages:

Damaged appliances

Damaged furniture

Discoloration on walls, ceilings and floors


Structural damage

Termite and bug infestation

Weakened foundations

start the insurance claim process

Know what to do next

It can be overwhelming to start the insurance claim process on your own. You might not know the best way to get paid out as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Ally Property Claim Advisors know what to do and get results.

We can help with your water damage insurance claim immediately. Our dedicated team of professionals work on your behalf with the insurance companies to make sure you receive a full and fair settlement for all of your water damage repairs and losses.

We are your Ally in the insurance claim process

We will dispute any deals that are not approved. Our mission is to get you covered on all your water damage repairs and losses, no matter the size or complexity.

Ally Property Claim Advisors will conduct a fair and complete evaluation of the damages you’ve incurred and the cost it will take to repair the property.

Our advisors have the extensive knowledge and resources to conduct an objective analysis of your water damage claim and help you understand all of the options available to you. As your trusted ally, we manage and facilitate your water damage claim from start to finish.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do after my property is damaged by water?
Creating a detailed estimate of your losses from the water damage is very important. Documenting damaged property and possessions as a part of your water claim will help your insurance company reimburse you for any losses, damages, or repairs. Look over your policy to know which items you should list. Whenever possible, take note of the serial numbers and approximate cost of each item listed. Taking photos or videos of damaged furniture or personal belongings in rooms is also helpful. Save and preserve all written correspondence, copies of test results, and property surveys, you may need them to bolster your water claim.
When do I file a water claim?

Once you’re finished detailing your losses, speak with an independent property claim advisor about how to submit the form before filing the water claim with your insurance company. Make sure what you turn in is correct with no missing information; insurers need a complete claim package to reach your settlement faster. Ally PCA can help you with your insurance documentation and answer any questions about your water claim; also when it’s better not to file a claim. Our experienced advisors have over 30 years in the insurance claim business, they know what to do to get your water damage covered fully and fairly

What do I do if my water claim gets denied or underpaid?
If your insurer has denied your water claim, is delaying processing, or has offered less money than you believe you are owed, you should speak with a property claim advisor to explore your options. Ally PCA can help you assess your water damage claim or property claim dispute and offer solutions.
As a contractor, why should I engage a property claim advisor on a water claim?

An independent property claim advisor can help take out the everyday minutia of writing an estimate, corresponding with clients, stakeholders, insurance company reps, and navigating policy intricacies. There are also legal limits to what a contractor can do when dealing with insurance claims. Ally PCA have the industry experience and expertise to handle any insurance claim red flags on behalf of you and your clients, including when and if to engage an engineer, policy coverage, delays, unwarranted denials or underpayment issues. Ally Property Claim Commercial Division offers customized services for contractors, restoration companies, REITs, and other industry professionals. Our goal is to maximize the supplemental income on all of your water claims.